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Statistical report for Foreign trade in the Year of 2017

Statistical report for foreign trade in the Year of 2017

In the year of 2017,we get a good situation in foreign trade,the world economic goes warmed up and refreshed to a good trend.Chinese economic trend keep steady growth and continuous going up,as it is a good begining for  the year of 2018.

Below is a summary for foreign trade for Year 2017

1-Import&Export value goes up by year,alough it is slow growth

2-Ordinary foreign trade go up a little sharp,and total cost increase more

3-Very good trade with European-allien countries,USA and ASEAN and countries from one belt one road

4-Private trade company get good and fast growth,total cost increased more

5-Chinese eastern,western and northeast area get quicker growth than that of other area

6-Mechanical&electrical ,labor etc traditional product is still dominant in export

7-Metal mine,original oil and soybean go up in price and quantity in its export

8-Main index like export manager index,export order and export manager confidence index go down
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