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Andaer Joined the twelfth arts performance for wecoming the 19th National standing committee of CPC

On Oct.12th,Andaer group Joined in actitity which was held by Shexian government and sponsor unit including town arts unit,ABC bank and school unit,Shexian cultural and arts museum etc,this arts performance is to welcome 19th national standing committee of CPC.

The activity held  kinds of arts performance like historic anti-Japanese invasion,Red-star army over China,and traditional Robe T-platform charming etc,which gave watchers and audiences a full and happy experiences.

“Zhangshu Arts Square” (Zhangshu a famous arts expert 1908-1938)was built for memorizing a historic famous arts expert,who was born in Shexian county in the begining of 20th century,he has made big contribution to music enterprise and Chinese anti-Japanese invasion events.
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